Cross Reference – Alexmar


A popular Italian manufacturer, they predominantly manufacture fan coil and blower motors.

Depending upon the model and quantity required we are more often than not able to offer either a ALEXMAR fan motor or an equivalent fan motor which is a suitable replacement. Depending upon the quantity required delivery could be either next day if an option is available from stock otherwise there may be a lead time involved if the product is non-standard.

Please email or call 01526 399 711 us with your ALEXMAR fan coil and ALEXMAR blower motor requirements and we will let you know prices and availabilities.

See below for some of the more common ALEXMAR models:



Make Model Make Model
Alexmar 233212025 Alexmar A700641B
Alexmar 6.077 Alexmar A707
Alexmar 90441006 SN20F101246 Alexmar A707648B
Alexmar 90441054 Alexmar A715
Alexmar 90441057 Alexmar A716
Alexmar 90441067 Alexmar A769
Alexmar 90443032 Alexmar A809
Alexmar 90443033 Alexmar A810
Alexmar 90443081 Alexmar A812
Alexmar 90444001 Alexmar A812639B
Alexmar 90444003 SN2GA000398 Alexmar A916
Alexmar 90463038 Alexmar A941
Alexmar 90561060 SN2EB024448 Alexmar A941645B
Alexmar 90641004 SN2HD050517 Alexmar A943
Alexmar 90641009 SN2LG044850 Alexmar A943641B
Alexmar 906440007 Alexmar A943701
Alexmar 90644001 Alexmar A949
Alexmar 90644002 Alexmar A950
Alexmar 90644006 Alexmar A990
Alexmar 906440075N2G K165552 Alexmar A992
Alexmar 90743014 Alexmar AA.812
Alexmar A.134 Alexmar AA806506XW
Alexmar A.904 Alexmar AA903702X
Alexmar A.916 Alexmar AC.801
Alexmar A.954.500.B1 Alexmar AC.801.500
Alexmar A.955.500.B1 Alexmar GA03003
Alexmar A.993.501 Alexmar GA03004
Alexmar A106 Alexmar GA03008B
Alexmar A129 Alexmar GA03D11
Alexmar A210 Alexmar GA04001
Alexmar A210516 Alexmar GA04002
Alexmar A210518 Alexmar GA04005B
Alexmar A210642B Alexmar GA04006
Alexmar A493 Alexmar SA 90443031
Alexmar A600 Alexmar SPP04084
Alexmar A600643B Alexmar SPP04085
Alexmar A602 Alexmar SPP04251
Alexmar A700

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