Elco Direct Drive

DD Range (Direct Drive Blower)

Our vast experience of air moving devices, coupled with the knowledge of fractional horse powered electric motors, we are able to offer a wide range of direct drive blower units from 7/5 up to 15/15 in casing size. These nine casing sizes when coupled with the vast array of fan motors mean we are able to offer an unparalleled range of performances. Airflows will range from 400m³/h up to 7,000m³/h. Direct drive blowers are often used to replace the more conventional belt drive blower units as they have several advantaged with maintenance, operation and extra fixing costs. The units are to be installed in weather protected environments which are powder free air; they are able to operate in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +40°C. Depending upon the environment, the humidity and the required IP rating we can use ventilated, totally enclosed or extruded shell motor body versions (IP20 to IP54). Again to give even further flexibility our motors can be single or multi-speed.

The DD blowers come completely assembled with capacitors pre-wired into the motor for ease of fixing. The motors are either pre-lubricated maintenance free sleeve bearings or sealed for life ball bearings, either design offer long life coupled with the need for little interaction once fitted.

The casings and wheels are static and dynamically balanced and are produced with galvanized steel plates to avoid any corrosion process. Fixing methods can be either flange or a set of 4-position support feet.

General Specification

• Size 7/7 to 15/15
• Single or three phase supply
• 60 – 2200watts
• 4 or 6 pole (1350-850RPM)
• Ventilated, totally enclose or extruded body design
• 1 – 6 speed variations

Cross Reference

Make Model Manufacturer Description Make Model Manufacturer Description
Elco 4017727 _ Elco DEEF43BB02 DD10/10-550-4-3V-M117
Elco 4019043 _ Elco DEEF61BB01 DD10/10-245-6-1V-M/115
Elco 4019150 DDE 7/7-145-4-SA/1 Elco DEEF61BB02 DD10/10-245-6-1V-M/199
Elco DDFA43N01 DDE7/7 145-4-3V-S-M Elco DEEF63BB01 DD10/10-245-6-3V-M/116
Elco DDFA43N03 DDE7/7-145-4-3V-S-M/521 Elco DEEH61CB01 DD 10/10-550-6-1V-M/218
Elco DDFA43N04S1 DDE7/7-145-4-3V-S-M/526 Elco DEEH63CB01 DD10/10-550-6-3V-M/187
Elco DDFB43N02 DDE9/7-210-4-3V-S-M/522 Elco DEFC41BB01 _
Elco DDFB43N03 DDE9/7-254-4-3V-S-M/523 Elco DEFC61F02 _
Elco DDFB43N04 DDE9/7-320-4-3V-S-M/524 Elco DEFH61CB01 DD12/09-1100-6-1V-T/198
Elco DDFB63F01S1 DDE9/7-145-6-3V-S-M/540 Elco DEGH61CB01 DD12/12-550-6-1V-M/184
Elco DDFB63P01 DDE9/7-145-6-3V-S-M/008 Elco DEGH61CB02 DD12/12-735-6-1V-M/185
Elco DDFC63F02 DDE9/9-245-6-3V-S-M/080 Elco DEGH61CB03 DD12/12-110-6-1V-T/186
Elco DDFC63F02S1 DDE9/9-245-6-3V-S-M/078 Elco DEGH61CB04 DD12/12-735-6-1V-M/196
Elco DDFC63P04 DDE9/9-245-6-3V-S-M Elco DEGH61CB05 DD12/12-1100-6-1V-T/197
Elco DDFE43N02 DDE10/10-490-4-3V-S-M/525 Elco DEGH62CB01 DD12/12-550-6-2V-T/616
Elco DDHE63P01 DDE10/10-550-6-3V-S-M/020 Elco DEGH62CB02 DD12/12-550-6-2V-T/617
Elco DDHE63P01S1 DDE10/10-550-6-3V-S-M/087 Elco DEGH63CB01 DD12/12-550-6-3V-M/188
Elco DDHF61N01S1 DDE12/9-550-6-1V-S-M/021 Elco DEHD43P01 DD10/8-370-4-3V-S-M/517
Elco DDHF61N02S1 DDE12/9-1100-6-1V-S-T Elco DEHE61P01 DD10/10-550-6-1V-S-M/076
Elco DDHF63P01 DDE12/9-550-6-3V-S-M/075 Elco DEHF41BB01P DD 7/9-300-4-1V-M/193
Elco DDHG63P02 DDE12/12-550-6-3V-S-M Elco DEHF61F01 DDE12/9-550-6-1V-S-M
Elco DDHG63P03 DDE12/12-735-6-3V-S-M/531 Elco DEHF61F02 DDE12/9-735-6-1V-S-M/064
Elco DDRA41N01 DDE7/7-145-4-1V-S-M Elco DEHF61P01 DDE12/9-550-6-1V-S-M
Elco DDRA41N01S1 DDE7/7-145-4-1V-S-M/539 Elco DEHF61P02 DDE12/9-735-6-1V-S-T/066
Elco DDRA41N02 DDE7/7-160-4-1V-S-T Elco DEHF61P03 DDE12/9-1100-6-1V-S-T
Elco DEAF43CB01 DD7/7-145-4-3V-M/101 Elco DEHF61P04 DDE12/9-1100-6-1V-S-T
Elco DEAF43CB02 DD7/7-145-4-3V-M/178 Elco DEHF63P01 DDE12/9-550-6-3V-S-M
Elco DEAF61BB01 DD7/7-145-6-1V-M/200 Elco DEHG61P01 DDE12/12-735-6-1V-S-M
Elco DEAF63CB01 DD7/7-145-6-3V-M/102 Elco DEHG61P02 _
Elco DEAR41BB01 DD7/7145-4-1V-M/182 Elco DEHG63P02 DDE12/12-735-6-3V-S-M/079
Elco DEAR41BB02 DD7/7-145-4-1V-M/192 Elco DERA41N02S1 DDE7/7-145-4-1V-S-M/541
Elco DEAR61BB01 DD7/7-60-6-1V-M/183 Elco DERA41P02 DDE7/7-145-4-1V-S-M/519
Elco DEAR61BB02 DD7/7-60-6-1V-M/191 Elco DFAF43BC01 DD 7/7 145 – 4 – 3V- M/607
Elco DEBF41BB01 DD9/7-370-4-1V-M/119 Elco DFAF43BC02 DD7/7-145-4-3V-M/608
Elco DEBF41BB02 DD9/7-300-4-1V-M/126 Elco DFAF43BM01 DD7/7-145-4-3V-M/130
Elco DEBF43BB01 DD9/7-370-4-3V-M/103 Elco DFAF43CM01 DD7/7-145-4-3V-M/615
Elco DEBF43BB02 DD9/7-330-4-3V-M/176 Elco DFAF43CM02 DD7/7-145-4-3V-M/619
Elco DEBF61BB01 DD9/7-145-6-1V-M/104 Elco DFAF63BM01 DD7/7145-6-3V-M/132
Elco DEBF61BB02 DD9/7-245-6-1V-M/118 Elco DFAR41BM01 DD7/7145-4-1V-M/167
Elco DEBF61BB03 DD9/7-185-6-1V-M/120 Elco DFAR61BM01 DD7/7-60-6-1V-M/168
Elco DEBF63BB01 _ Elco DFBF41BM03 DD9/7-370-4-1V-M/172
Elco DECF41BB01 DD9/9-370-4-1V-M/105 Elco DFBF43BM03 DD9/7-370-4-3V-M/171
Elco DECF41BB02 DD9/9-550-4-1V-M/106 Elco DFBF61BM01 DD9/7-145-6-1V-M/137
Elco DECF41BB03 DD9/9-550-4-1V-M/194 Elco DFBF63BC01 DD9/7-145-6-3V-M/609
Elco DECF41BB10 DD9/9-370-4-1V-M/602 Elco DFBF63BC02 DD9/7-245-6-3V-M/610
Elco DECF41BB11 DD9/9-370-4-1V-M/603 Elco DFBF63BM01 DD 9/7-145-6-3V-M/140
Elco DECF41CB10 DD9/9-1000-4-1V-T/601 Elco DFBF63BM01P DD 9/7-145-6-3V-M/204
Elco DECF43BB01 DD9/9-370-4-3V-M/107 Elco DFBF63BM04 DD9/7-145-6-3V-M/611
Elco DECF43BB02 DD9/9-330-4-3V-M/177 Elco DFCF43BM02 DD9/9-370-4-3V-M/147
Elco DECF43CB01 DD9/9-370-4-3V-M/128 Elco DFCF43CM01 DD9/9-370-4-3V-M/614
Elco DECF61BB01 DD9/9-145-6-1V-M/108 Elco DFCF63BB01 DD9/9-245-6-3V-M/618
Elco DECF61BB02 DD9/9-245-6-1V-M/109 Elco DFCF63BM01 DD9/9-145-6-3V-M/152
Elco DECF61BB03 DD9/9-185-6-1V-M/121 Elco DFCF63BM03 DD9/9-245-6-3V-M/154
Elco DECF61BB10 DD9/9-185-6-1V-M/604 Elco DFCF63BM04 DD9/9-245-6-3V-M/612
Elco DECF61BB11 DD9/9-245-6-1V-M/605 Elco DFEF41BM02 DD 10/10-550-4-1V-M/162
Elco DECF63BB01 DD9/9-145-6-3V-M/110 Elco DFEF43BM01 DD10/10-370-4-3V-M/163
Elco DECF63BB02 DD9/9-245-6-3V-M/111 Elco DFEF61BM01 DD 10/10 245-6-1V-M/165
Elco DECF63BB03 DD9/9-370-6-3V-M/129 Elco DFEF63BM01 DD10/10-245-6-3V-M/166
Elco DECF63CB10 DD9/9-145-6-3V-M/606 Elco DFEH61CM01 DD 10/10-550-6-1V-M/175
Elco DECH61P01 DDE15/15-2000-6-1V-S-T Elco DFEH63CM01 DD10/10-550-6-3V-M/189
Elco DEDF41BB01 DD10/8-370-4-1V-M/122 Elco DFGH61CM02 DD12/12-735-6-1V-M/180
Elco DEDF43BB01 DD10/8-370-4-3V-M/123 Elco DFGH61CM03 DD12/12-1100-6-1V-T/181
Elco DEDF61BB01 DD10/8-245-6-1V-M/112 Elco DFGH63CM01 DD12/12-550-6-3V-M/169
Elco DEDF63BB01 DD10/8-245-6-3V-M/125 Elco DFGH63CM02 DD12/12-735-6-3V-M/170
Elco DEDH43CB01 DD 10/8-370-4-3V-M/624 Elco DFHF43BM01 DD7/9-370-4-3V-M/621
Elco DEEF41BB01 DD10/10-550-4-1V-M/113 Elco DFHF43BM02 DD7/9-370-4-3V-M/623
Elco DEEF41BB02 DD10/10-370-4-1V-M/124 Elco DFHF43CM01 DD7/9-370-4-3V-M/613
Elco DEEF41BB03 DD10/10-550-4-1V-M/195 Elco DFHF43CM02 DD7/9-370-4-3V-M/620
Elco DEEF43BB01 DD10/10-370-4-3V-M/114 Elco DFHF43CM03 DD7/9-370-4-3V-M/622