Elco BT Series

BT Range

The Elco BT range of motors are single phase PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors which enables a more constant speed performance from the motor. Other advantages are that a PSC motor over a shaded pole motor are that they operate more smoothly at low speed conditions and have a higher power efficiency. The fan coil motors are fitted with resilient rubber rings to avoid the possible vibrations of the fan blade that can affect the fan coil unit.

The motors are constructed in a square bodied design with a diameter of 82mm, they have sintered sleeve bearings which enable a low noise operation. The bearings are lubricated through a fibre cellulose and oil mixture which secures long life running.

The single shaft BTM motors are also of a PSC (permanent split capacitor) motor design. The Elco BTM motors are used in smaller axial fans for refrigeration applications. Single rotation models come standard with on-board capacitor. Remote capacitor, reversible rotation and multiple speed models are also made but are not as common. The BTM series is a drop-in alternative to the N series and uses same accessory range.

General Specifications

Output power: 10 to 55 watts
Poles: 2 or 4
Enclosure: Ventilated or totally enclosed
Speeds: 1 to 6 speeds
Insulation: Class B or F, IP20 to IP44
Temperature rating: -30°c to +40°c
Shaft details: Single & double shaft, plain or four pin fan hub

Below are a list of Elco BT motors codes, please call or email if you have any requirements. Depending upon the quantity we might be able to offer the exact unit, or a suitable alternative.

Make Model Manufacturer Description Make Model Manufacturer Description
Elco BTNB21TC0067 1BT 100-40-1V-NA Elco 40101174 3BTB 35-30-0/4
Elco BTNM41TB0048 1BT 10-20-1V NR Elco 40101982 3BTB 35-30-3V-0/2
Elco BTNM41TB0113 1BT 10-20-1V NR Elco 40101490 3BTB 35-30-6V-0/1
Elco BTNB21NC0008 1BT 125-30-1V-NO Elco 41011546 3BTB 35-30-6V-0/2
Elco BTNM41TB0110R 1BT 15-20-1V NA Elco 40101811 3BTB 35-30-A-0/2
Elco BTNM41TB0049 1BT 15-20-1V NR Elco 40101833 3BTB 35-30-A-0/3
Elco BTNM41TB0050 1BT 15-20-1V NR Elco 40101244 3BTB 40-30-4V-0/1
Elco BTNM43TB0055 1BT 15-20-3V NA Elco 40101911 3BTB 40-40-0/7
Elco BTNM41TB0234 1BT 16-20 1V NA Elco 40101418 3BTB 40-40-6V-0/3
Elco BTNB41TB0235 1BT 16-20-1V NA Elco 40101409 3BTB 45-40/6V-0-1
Elco BTNM43TB0001 1BT 16-20-3V Elco 40101990 3BTB 45-40-0/21E
Elco BTNM43TB0091 1BT 16-20-3V NA Elco 40101533 3BTB 45-40-0/3
Elco BTNM43TB0091A1 1BT 16-20-3V NA Elco 40101544 3BTB 45-40-0/3
Elco BTNM41TB0162 1BT 20-20 1V NA Elco 40101584 3BTB 45-40-0/4
Elco BTNB41TB0181R 1BT 20-20-1V NA Elco 40101726 3BTB 45-40-3V-0/3
Elco BTNM41TB0087 1BT 20-20-1V NA Elco 40101813 3BTB 45-40-3V-0/4
Elco BTNM43TB0004 1BT 20-20-3V NA Elco 40101916 3BTB 45-40-3V-0/5
Elco BTNB41TB0163 1BT 20-30-1V NA Elco 40101508 3BTB 45-40-6V-0/4
Elco BTNM41TB0153R 1BT 25-20 1V NA Elco 40101800 3BTB 45-40-A-0/13
Elco BTNM21TB0148 1BT 25-20-1V N0 Elco 40101807 3BTB 45-40-A-0/14
Elco BTNM21TB0182 1BT 25-20-1V N0 Elco 40101491 3BTB 50-40-6V-0/1
Elco BTNM21TC0095 1BT 25-20-1V NA Elco 40101492 3BTB 50-40-6V-0/2
Elco BTNM21TC0150 1BT 25-20-1V NA Elco 40101597 3BTB 50-40-A/1
Elco BTNM21TB0072 1BT 25-20-1V NO Elco 40101812 3BTB 50-40-A-0/3
Elco BTNM21TB0140 1BT 25-20-1V NO Elco 40101116 3BTB 55-40-0/1
Elco BTNM41TB0169 1BT 25-30 1V N0 Elco 40101175 3BTB 55-40-0/2
Elco BTNM41TB0114 1BT 25-30-1V NR Elco 40101209 3BTB 55-40-6V-0/1
Elco BTNM42TB0064 1BT 25-30-2V NA Elco 40101972 3BTB 55-4-3V-0/1
Elco BTNB43TB0056 1BT 25-30-3V NA Elco 40101226 3BTEM 45-40-0/1
Elco BTNM43TC0078R 1BT 25-45-3V NA Elco 40101370 3BTEM 45-40-0/3
Elco BTNB41TB0236 1BT 27-30-1V NA Elco 40101931 3BTM 100-40-2/1
Elco BTNB43TB0002 1BT 27-30-3V NA Elco 40101717 3BTM 10-20
Elco BTNB43TB0092A1 1BT 27-30-3V NA Elco 40101805 3BTM 10-20-R/1
Elco BTNB41TB0183R 1BT 30-30-1V NA Elco 40101806 3BTM 10-20-R/2
Elco BTNM41TB0063 1BT 35-25-1V N0 Elco 40101831 3BTM 10-20-R/3
Elco BTNM41TB0128 1bt 35-25-1v/NO Elco 40101679 3BTM 12-20/1
Elco BTNB43TB0005 1BT 35-30-3V NA Elco 40101828 3BTM 12-20-0/6
Elco BTNB44TC0030 1BT 35-40-4V NA Elco 40101754 3BTM 12-20-3V/4
Elco BTNB44TC0058 1BT 35-40-4V NA Elco 40101934 3BTM 14-20-0/3
Elco BTNB41TB0033R 1BT 40-40-1V NA Elco 40101938 3BTM 14-20-0/4
Elco BTNB41TB0111R 1BT 40-40-1V NA Elco 40101766 3BTM 15-20/1
Elco BTNB41TB0164 1BT 40-40-1V NA Elco 40101765 3BTM 15-20-0/7
Elco BTNB43TB0057 1BT 40-40-2V NA Elco 40101848 3BTM 15-20-R/3
Elco BTNB44TC0152 1BT 40-40-4V NA Elco 40101724 3BTM 16-20-3V-0/1
Elco BTNB44TC0166R 1BT 40-40-4V NA Elco 40101248 3BTM 17-30-4V/1
Elco BTNB44TB0141 1BT 42-30-4V NA Elco 40101249 3BTM 17-30-4V-0/1
Elco BTNB21TB0075 1BT 45-30-1V NO Elco 40102061 3BTM 18-20-R/5
Elco BTNB41TB0237 1BT 45-40-1V Elco 40101543 3BTM 20-20-0/5
Elco BTNB41TB0088 1BT 45-40-1V NA Elco 40102000 3BTM 20-20-3V-0/5
Elco BTNB41TB0098 1BT 45-40-1V NA Elco 40101904 3BTM 22-20-0/1
Elco BTNB41TB0184R 1BT 45-40-1V NA Elco 40101820 3BTM 25-20-0/13
Elco BTNB41TB0184S 1BT 45-40-1V NA Elco 40102002 3BTM 25-20-0/16E
Elco BTNB43TB0093 1BT 45-40-3V NA Elco 40101734 3BTM 25-20-0/9
Elco BTNB43TB0093A1 1BT 45-40-3V NA Elco 40101395 3BTM 25-20-6V-0/1
Elco BTNB43TB0003 1BT 45-40-3V-NA Elco 40101810 3BTM 25-20-A-0/12
Elco BTNB46TB0142 1BT 45-40-6V NA Elco 40101898 3BTM 25-20-R/1
Elco BTNM44TC0255R 1BT 45-45-4V NA Elco 40101656 3BTM 25-30-2V-0/1
Elco BTNM44TC0255S1 1BT 45-45-4V NA Elco 40101588 3BTM 25-30-R/1
Elco BTNM41TB0073 1BT 50-40-1V N0 Elco 40101830 3BTM 25-30-R/2
Elco BTNB41TC0158 1BT 50-40-1V NO Elco 40102021 3BTM 25-30-R/3
Elco BTNB41TC0159 1BT 50-40-1V NO Elco 40101277 3BTM 2-70-30/1
Elco BTNM42TC0197 1BT 5-20-2V N0 Elco 40101542 3BTM 30-30/1
Elco BTNM42TB0138 1BT 5-20-2V NA Elco 40101576 3BTM 30-30/2
Elco BTNB43TB0006 1BT 55-40-3V NA Elco 40101940 3BTM 30-30/4
Elco BTNM21TB0065 1BT 60-30-1V NO Elco 40101412 3BTM 30-30-6V-0/1
Elco BTNM21TC0413 1BT 60-40-1V NA Elco 40101246 3BTM 30-40-4V/1
Elco BTNB41TB0112R 1BT 60-45-1V NA Elco 40101247 3BTM 30-40-4V-0/1
Elco BTNB41TB0165 1BT 60-45-1V NA Elco 40101680 3BTM 32-30/1
Elco BTNB41TB0238 1BT 60-45-1V NA Elco 40101946 3BTM 35-25/1
Elco BTNB41TC0189R 1BT 60-45-1V NA Elco 40102092 3BTM 35-25-2
Elco BTNB43TB0026 1BT 60-45-3V NA Elco 40101562 3BTM 35-30/1
Elco BTNB43TB0094 1BT 60-45-3V NA Elco 40101663 3BTM 35-30-A/2
Elco BTNB43TB0094A1 1BT 60-45-3V NA Elco 40101686 3BTM 40-40/1
Elco BTNM21TB0136 1BT 70-30-1V NO Elco 40101666 3BTM 45-30-2-0/1
Elco BTNM21TB0076 1BT 78-30-1V NO Elco 40101602 3BTM 45-40/1
Elco 40101905 3BTB 12-20-0/4 Elco 40101552 3BTM 45-40-0/1
Elco 40101712 3BTB 12-20-A-0/2 Elco 40101816 3BTM 50-4/5
Elco 40101531 3BTB 15-20-0/1 Elco 40101838 3BTM 50-40/6
Elco 40101583 3BTB 15-20-0/2 Elco 40101681 3BTM 5-20-2V-0/1
Elco 40101914 3BTB 16-20-3V-0/2 Elco 40101884 3BTM 60-30-2/1
Elco 40102003 3BTB 20-20-0/4E Elco 40102006 3BTM 60-30-2/2
Elco 40101414 3BTB 20-20-3V-0/1 Elco 40102055 3BTM 70-30-2-0/2
Elco 40101415 3BTB 20-20-3V-0/1 Elco 40101859 3BTM 7-20/3
Elco 40101804 3BTB 20-20-A-0/3 Elco 40101903 3BTM 7-20-0/3
Elco 40101592 3BTB 27-30-0/2 Elco 40101044 3BTM15.20.4V/1
Elco 40101907 3BTB 27-30-0/4 Elco 40101619 3BTMA 10-20-R/1
Elco 40101725 3BTB 27-30-3V-0/1 Elco 40101629 3BTMA 15-20-R/1
Elco 40101915 3BTB 27-30-3V-0/2 Elco 40101630 3BTMA 15-20-R/2
Elco 40101571 3BTB 27-30-6V-0/1 Elco 40101937 3BTMA 30-30/3
Elco 40101718 3BTB 27-30-A-0/3 Elco 40102098 3BTMU 15-20/1
Elco 40101998 3BTB 30-30-0/12E Elco BTNB21TB0101S _
Elco 40101532 3BTB 30-30-0/2 Elco BTNB41TB0034R _
Elco 40101603 3BTB 30-30-0/3 Elco BTNB43TB0092 _
Elco 40101853 3BTB 30-30-A-0/9 Elco 3BTB-CO27-30A-0/1 _
Elco 40101115 3BTB 35-30-0/1