Elco – FR Series

FR Range – Gearbox Motors

Elco have a small and limited range of custom made gearbox motors are designed for driving slow motion devices like slush machines, cold drink dispensers, these units have shaft speeds ranging from 3 to 30rpm, the output torque range from 7 to 30Nm. The units have large lubrication reservoir for sleeve or ball bearings, revolution speed counter sensors are available to be fitted onto the units. The motors are thermally protected and are box designed for OEM applications with hardened steel gears.

General Specifications

Output RPM: 3 to 30RPM
Output Torque: 7 to 30Nm
Bearings: Sleeve or ball bearing
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Below are a list of Elco FR motors codes, please call or email if you have any requirements. Depending upon the quantity we might be able to offer the exact unit, or a suitable alternative.

Make Model Manufacturer Description
Elco 40181211 FR 10-40-33/203
Elco 40181218 FR 10-40-33/209
Elco 40181224 FR 10-40-33/215
Elco 40181225 FR 10-40-33/216
Elco 40181226 FR 10-40-33/217
Elco 40181227 FR 10-40-33/218
Elco 40181228 FR 10-40-33/219
Elco 40181229 FR 10-40-33/220
Elco 40181230 FR 10-40-33/221
Elco 40181231 FR 10-40-33/222
Elco 40181232 FR 10-40-33/223
Elco 40181233 FR 10-40-33/224
Elco 40181235 FR 10-40-33/226
Elco 40181242 FR 10-40-33/233
Elco 40181304 RN 10-20-2.7/304
Elco 40181300 RN 2.7/300
Elco 40181305 RN 6-20-3.5/305
Elco 40181306 RN 6-20-3.5/306