Elco HO Series

HO Range – PSC Motors

Elco’s range of HO motors are of a PSC (Permanent split capacitor) design, this design offers an increase in the efficiency on fan coil units from the older shaded pole versions. The HO range have a body diameter of 145mm and are Elcos largest motor design, they are able to fix via a variety of fixing options including, resilient mounting and lug fixing. The HO motors are found mostly in direct drive blower units or fan decks used in air conditioning, ventilated and heating environments.

The HO series have a power rating from 500 up to 1100 watts and are available in 4 and 6 pole and come as either single or multi-speed units. The body shells are ventilated, totally enclosed air over aluminum or thermoplastic end shields, steel or extruded aluminum shell and sleeved or ball bearing operation. Protection class IP20, IP42, IP44 and insulation class B or F. All models are thermally protected.

Below are a list of Elco HO Range part numbers, please email or call us with your requirements.

General Specifications
Output power: 50 to 1100 watts
Poles: 4 and 6
Enclosure: Ventilated or totally enclosed
Speeds: 1 to 6
Insulation: IP20, IP42 and IP44
Temperature rating: -30°C to +40°C

Below are a list of Elco HO motors codes, please call or email if you have any requirements. Depending upon the quantity we might be able to offer the exact unit, or a suitable alternative.

Make Model Manufacturer Description Make Model Manufacturer Description
Elco HOEM63TC0230R 1HO 550-76-3V NA Elco 40101708 3HOB 480-57-4V/1
Elco HOFB44TC0204R1 1HO 1065-76-4V NA Elco 40101435 3HOB 550-76-3V/1
Elco HOFB44TC0204R2 1HO 1065-76-4V NA Elco 40101867 3HOB 630-57-4V/1
Elco HOFM61NC0200 1HO 275-69-1V NA Elco 40101469 3HOB 630-69-4-3V/1
Elco HOEM43TC0227R 1HO 370-69-3V NA Elco 40101801 3HOB 630-70-5V/1
Elco HOEM61TC0229R 1HO 550-76-1V NA Elco 40101173 3HOEB 420-57-3V/1
Elco HOFM61TC0231R 1HO 550-76-1V NA Elco 4011151 3HOEM 1100-89-6/2
Elco HOFM63TC0228R 1HO 550-76-3V NA Elco 40101477 3HOEM 370-70-4-3V/1
Elco HOFB43TC0045 1HO 630-69-3V Elco 40101157 3HOEM 550-76-6
Elco HOFB45TC0251 1HO 630-69-5V NA Elco 40102033 3HOEM 550-76-6/2
Elco HOFM61TC0170 1HO 630-89-1V Elco 40101389 3HOEM 550-76-6-3V/1
Elco HOEM62TC0010R 3HO 550-89-2V Elco 40101194 3HOEM 550-89-6-3V
Elco HOEM62TC0011R 3HO 550-89-2V Elco 40101156 3HOEM 735-89-6
Elco 40102014 3HOB 1065-76-4V/1 Elco 40101869 3HOM 140-44-4-6-2V/1
Elco 40101917 3HOB 1250-69-5V/1 Elco 40101870 3HOM 180-44-4-6-2V/1
Elco 40101939 3HOB 1250-69-5V/2 Elco 40101849 3HOM 245-57-6/1
Elco 40101432 3HOB 125-32-3V/1 Elco 40101691 3HOM 310-57-6/1
Elco 40101933 3HOB 125-32-3V/2 Elco 40101858 3HOM 310-57-6/2
Elco 40101433 3HOB 150-45-6-3V/1 Elco 40101688 3HOM 370-57-6/1
Elco 40101431 3HOB 180-32-3V/1 Elco 40101468 3HOM 520-76-6-3V/1
Elco 40101932 3HOB 180-32-3V/2 Elco 40101701 3HOM 520-76-6-3V/2
Elco 40101788 3HOB 280-57-4V/1 Elco 40102013 3HOM 520-76-6-3V/3
Elco 40101000 3HOB 350-90-3V/1 Elco 40102066 3HOM 520-76-6-3V/4
Elco 40101703 3HOB 420-57-3V/2 Elco 40101312 3HOM 550-76-6/1
Elco 40101856 3HOB 450-57-5V/1 Elco 40101313 3HOM 550-76-6-3V/1
Elco 40101926 3HOB 450-57-5V/2 Elco 40101332 3HOM 630-89-6/1
Elco 40101825 3HOB 450-63-4V/1 Elco Hofb44tc0288 _