Elco – RE Series

Elco’s RE series of motors are dimensionally the same bodies as the N Series except they are a P.S.C. motor (permanent split capacitor), it is only a small range which Elco produces and they give an output of 10 – 18watts in a 2 pole design (2550RPM). The capacitor gives a higher efficiency and also enables the motor to have a longer life in intermittent duty applications.

The RE series of motors are ventilated and totally enclosed body motors IP20 and upwards, they are single speed and can fix via the end shield, side studs or tapped holes into the motor body.

Make Model Manufacturer Description
Elco RET2T18PNN001 R 18-25/001
Elco RET4T18PNN001 R 18-25/002
Elco RET8T18PNN001 R 18-25/003
Elco RET2T18PNA001 R 18-25/005
Elco RET4T18NNN001 R 18-25/007
Elco RET1T18PNN002 R 18-25/008
Elco RET8T18PNN002 R 18-25/013
Elco RET4T18PNN002 R 18-25/014
Elco REV2T18PNN003 R 18-25/015
Elco RET3T10PNN201 R10-25/004
Elco RET4T10NNN201 R10-25/006
Elco RET1T18PNN003 R18-25/009
Elco RET4T18NNN002 R18-25/010
Elco RET2T18PNN002 R18-25/011
Elco RET4T18NNN201 RR18-25/012
Elco RET8T18TN002