Cross Reference – Olmo

olmo_sparesPole Star Products previously used to be OLMO UK and as such we have an unrivalled amount of knowledge and data regarding the OLMO product range.

First a bit of history about the OLMO brand:

OLMO Italy

The OLMO brand started its activity more than 50 years ago, and over the years established itself in Europe as a leading motor supplier to the refrigeration market. In the late 1990’s the EFC group purchased OLMO, in the years leading up to this takeover OLMO had an impressive range of motors, fans and blowers and an enviable reputation for product quality.

OLMO UK (Owned and staffed by Pole Star Products) was established in 2002 to promote the full range of motor and fan products under the OLMO brand. The OLMO range includes many different motors for a large variety of markets; a brief description of some of the motors and units are: guard mounted axial, backward curved fans, forward curved fans, fan motors, external rotor motors, direct drive blower units, shaded pole motors, PSC (Permanent split capacitor) motors, fan coil motors, fan deck units, radial mount blower motors.

In Good Hands

Due to our many years experience with the OLMO range we can assist you with many of the old obsolete OLMO products which are still in operation around the world, as these motors age and eventually need replacing we are ideally suited both with experience and with stocks to help replace these motors.

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Axial Fans

Blades & Brackets

Centrifugal Blowers





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