Cross Reference – Simel

simelSimel is an Italian burner motor manufacturer and is one of the main brands for oil and gas fired motors found in the UK.

We can offer both exact replacements and pattern replacement parts.
Below are the part numbers for their more popular burner motors.

Make Model Make Model
SIMEL 2154 SIMEL 3178
SIMEL 2156 SIMEL 85/2042-32
SIMEL 2158 Simel AGA R5249
SIMEL 2163 SIMEL CD 44/2069-32-2R8
SIMEL 2165 SIMEL CD45-2067-32
SIMEL 2179 SIMEL CS 39-2070
SIMEL 25-3007 Simel Max1
SIMEL 30 2066-32 Simel Max12
SIMEL 3030 Simel Max4
SIMEL 3159 Simel Max8
SIMEL 3160 Simel Minor4
SIMEL 3171 Simel Monoflame
SIMEL 3175

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