Cross Reference – Sisme


A popular Italian manufacturer with bases in Italy and China, Sisme predominantly manufacture fan coil and blower motors.

Depending upon the model and quantity required we are more often than not able to offer either a SISME fan motor or an equivalent fan motor which is a suitable replacement. Depending upon the quantity required delivery could be either next day if an option is available from stock otherwise there may be a lead time involved if the product is non-standard.

Please email or call 01526 399 711 us with your SISME fan coil and SISME blower motor requirements and we will let you know prices and availabilities.

See below for some of the more common SISME models:

Make Model Make Model Make Model Make Model
Sisme 151008 M00475 Sisme K48407 M00658 Sisme K48412 M01697 Sisme K48622 m01295
Sisme 30 23038 0000 Sisme K48407 M00678 Sisme K48412 M01727 Sisme K48624 M00933
Sisme 30 37916 0000 Sisme K48407 M00763 Sisme K48412 MT1502 Sisme K48624 M01296
Sisme K48417 M00572 Sisme K48407 M01050 Sisme K48414 M00515 Sisme K48624 M01357
Sisme F48413 F0093 Sisme M01052 Sisme K48415 M00534 Sisme K48811 M00860
Sisme K35406 M01304 Sisme K48407 M01259 Sisme K48415 M00559 Sisme K48814 M01768
Sisme K35406 M01304 Sisme K48407 M0141 Sisme K48415 M00603 Sisme K48835 M00934
Sisme K35406 M01305 Sisme K48407 M01413 Sisme K48415 M0070 Sisme K48835 M01358
Sisme K35406 M01305 Sisme K48407 M01416 Sisme K48415 M00747 Sisme K48910 M00522
Sisme K35406 M01306 Sisme K48407 M01462 Sisme K48415 M00846 Sisme K60425 M00932
Sisme K35406 M01306 Sisme K48407 M01524 Sisme K48415 M00952 Sisme K60425 M01365
Sisme K35406 M01641 Sisme K48407 M01537 Sisme M01055 Sisme K60625 M00930
Sisme K35406 M01642 Sisme K48407 M01574 Sisme K48415 M01115 Sisme K60625 M01366
Sisme K35406 M01643 Sisme K48407 M01596 Sisme K48415 M01456 Sisme M00791 27135/0122
Sisme K35406 M01646 Sisme K48407 M01605 Sisme K48415 M02037 Sisme M00793 27135/0104
Sisme K35406 M01888 Sisme K48407 M01621 Sisme K48415 M02038 Sisme M01050
Sisme K35406 M01892 Sisme K48407 M01621 Sisme K48415 M02154 Sisme M01051
Sisme K35406 M02024 Sisme K48407 M01729 Sisme K48417 M00567 Sisme M01052
Sisme K35406 M02046 Sisme K48407 M02073 Sisme K48417 M00572 Sisme M01052 K48407
Sisme K35406 M02243 Sisme K48408 M00683 Sisme K48417 M00931 Sisme M01053
Sisme k35407 M01479 Sisme K48408 M00762 Sisme K48417 M01160 Sisme M01054
Sisme K35410 M01298 Sisme K48410 M00141 Sisme K48417 M01212 Sisme M01055
Sisme K35410 M01322 Sisme K48410 M00153 Sisme K48417 M01285 Sisme M01304 K35410
Sisme K35410 M01648 Sisme K48410 M00154 Sisme K48417 M01356 Sisme M01305 K35410
Sisme K35410 M01649 Sisme K48410 M00514 Sisme K48417 M01685 Sisme M01306 K35410
Sisme K35410 M01975 Sisme K48410 M00536 Sisme K48417 M01838 Sisme M01821 K35610
Sisme K35414 M002083 Sisme K48410 M00548 Sisme K48417 M01865 Sisme M48407 M01729
Sisme K35414 M01931 Sisme K48410 M00687 Sisme K48417 M02008 Sisme MT1330C M00732
Sisme K35416 M00893 Sisme K48410 M00748 Sisme K48422 M01511 Sisme MT1425A M01141
Sisme K35416 M01323 Sisme K48410 M00859 Sisme K48422 M02027 Sisme MT1482 M1423
Sisme K35417 M00316 Sisme K48410 M00974 Sisme K48422 M02127 Sisme P35816 P0017
Sisme K35417 M01316 Sisme M01053 Sisme K48424 M00880 Sisme P46417 M00672
Sisme K35417 M01317 Sisme K48410 M01058 Sisme K48425 M00700 Sisme P48407 M00773
Sisme K35417 M01449 Sisme K48410 M01133 Sisme K48425 M01379 Sisme P48417 M00872
Sisme K35417 M01792 Sisme K48410 M01149 Sisme K48425 M01519 Sisme P48417 M01359
Sisme K35417 M02126 Sisme K48410 M0141 Sisme K48430 C05907 Sisme P48622 M00873
Sisme K35610 M01402 Sisme K48410 M01411 Sisme K48430 M01431 Sisme P48622 M01361
Sisme K35610 M01821 Sisme K48410 M01417 Sisme K48430 M01775 Sisme P48622 M01363
Sisme K35610 M02228 Sisme K48410 M01426 Sisme K48430 M02028 Sisme P48830 M00874
Sisme K35610-M01388 Sisme k48410 M01503 Sisme K48430 M02143 Sisme P48830 M01362
Sisme K43411 M01382 Sisme K48410 M01574 Sisme K48610 M00693 Sisme P60422 M00885
Sisme K48002 M00871 Sisme K48410 M01583 Sisme K48610 M01591 Sisme P60422 M01363
Sisme K48006 M00870 Sisme K48410 M01597 Sisme K48610 M01726 Sisme P60620 M00886
Sisme K48210 M02225 Sisme K48410 M01598 Sisme K48612 M00845 Sisme P60620 M01363
Sisme K48407 M00426 Sisme K48410 M01603 Sisme K48612 M02147 Sisme P60620 M01364
Sisme K48407 M00468 Sisme K48410 M01652 Sisme K48614 M01186 Sisme P60620 M01364
Sisme K48407 M00469 Sisme K48410 M01728 Sisme K48614 M01967 Sisme P60635 M00690
Sisme K48407 M00478 Sisme K48410-M01418 Sisme K48617 M00416 Sisme P60635 M01195
Sisme K48407 M00513 Sisme K48410-M02074 Sisme K48617 M01776 Sisme P60635 M01255
Sisme K48407 M00569 Sisme M01054 Sisme K48622 M00870 Sisme S60430-M00842
Sisme K48407 M00629 Sisme K48412 M01148 Sisme K48622 M00956 Sisme 87070
Sisme 30 11778 0000

All references to manufacturers names, model or part numbers and any depiction by photographs or drawings are solely for guidance, reference and identification. No connection, endorsement or approval by any manufacturer is either given or implied. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring correct motor suitability in intended application. Errors and omissions excepted.