Cross Reference – Universal Electric Ltd

universal_electric_sparesAmerican manufacturers of fractional horsepower electric motors including firms such as Universal Electric produced dedicated models for fan drive in mainly air movement applications, like heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Their motors were custom built for specific original equipment manufacturers and produced to order in large batches. All these models had a limited life span as the applications were developed, and newer models required a motor with a different specification. A good analogy would be the starter motor, alternator or wiper motor in a car which is no longer produced once the model of car is superseded. Fan motors can run trouble free for many years, and as a consequence, there are innumerable numbers still in operation giving good service. However, sourcing a suitable replacement when they eventually fail can be difficult.

The range of electric motors manufactured by Universal Electric are very familiar to us, although these brand names are no longer found on new motors in the UK. Pole Star enjoys a good working relationship with other motor manufacturers and this enables us to try and obtain genuine spares whenever they are available. However, in most cases, production of the original electric motor ceased many years (sometimes decades) ago, and we are obliged to offer a suitable alternative. Our extensive database enables us to cross match many other makes and models, so we can offer either the genuine model, or our direct equivalent when not available. The Pole Star range of replacement fan coil motors, blower motors, refrigeration motors, etc. sometimes offer a better specification than the original part, using ball bearings, cast aluminium end-shields, etc.

Electric motors manufactured by Universal Electric were round, with black painted pressed steel end-shields located by register laminations and secured by thru bolts. The different body or frame sizes were given letters to identify each and a descriptive part number.

A Frame

C Frame

D Frame

F48 Frame

H Frame

J Frame

K Frame

S Frame

General Stock Codes


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