Cross Reference

Pole Star has built up a very large and detailed cross reference database through years of trading and staff knowledge in the industry.

We have helped many customers replace old and obsolete fans and motors with suitable alternatives.

With our team of experienced staff and the wealth of information available to us we are able to offer a fast and reliable service, often working from minimal information.

In most cases we are able to match a motor from the manufacturers name and model number. If this is not possible then our staff will be able to ask a few simple questions about the motor to try and match it to one of our ex-stock models. With a 30,000 square foot warehouse and over 1,200 different fan and motor product lines we should be able to dispatch your requirement for a next day delivery.

Our cross reference holds records of over three hundred different motor manufacturers and stockists.

Call 01526 399 711 or email today to see if we have your required motor details on file.


All references to manufacturers names, model or part numbers and any depiction by photographs or drawings are solely for guidance, reference and identification. No connection, endorsement or approval by any manufacturer is either given or implied. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring correct motor suitability in intended application. Errors and omissions excepted.


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