MCE Range

Elco’s latest developed range are their MCE motors which are high efficiency motors (up to 70% energy efficiency compared to 20% of their conventional Elco N Series design), but as a result the cost is higher at the initial purchase. These motors are drop in replacements so retrofits can be achieved in most circumstances.
The MCE range has developed quickly over the past few years with many updates to the motor, originally named under the ECB code, followed by EBA then ECA and now the most current designs are EDA. Generally there are only two output models (12-15watt and 20-25watt).

Having supplied 90% of the UK’s OEM (original equipment manufacturers) over the last ten years as Elco UK our knowledge of the Elco electronics is superior to all in the current marketplace.

General Specification:

Output power: 10 – 25 watts
Poles: 4 (1250RPM)

Make Model Manufacturer Description Make Model Manufacturer Description Make Model Manufacturer Description
Elco EBA12150NB0020 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA12150NP0081 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN006 MCE 12-15/065
Elco EBA12150NB0028 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA12150NP0128 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA006 MCE 12-15/067
Elco EBA12150NB0054 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA12153UP0144 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA007 MCE 12-15/069
Elco EBA12150NB0055 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NA0172 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12NN305 MCE 12-15/070
Elco EBA12150NB0063 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NA0174 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12NN307 MCE 12-15/073
Elco EBA12150NB0069 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NB0017 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12UN302 MCE 12-15/075
Elco EBA12150NB0070 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NB0019 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12NA009 MCE 12-15/077
Elco EBA12150NB0074 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NB0122 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12NA010 MCE 12-15/078
Elco EBA12150NB0075 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NB0173 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12NA011 MCE 12-15/079
Elco EBA12150NB0076 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA12150NC0061 ECM 12-15 IP66 Elco ECB12NA013 MCE 12-15/081
Elco EBA12150NB0078 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15250CC0158 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA014 MCE 12-15/082
Elco EBA12150NC0027 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15250NA0043 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA015 MCE 12-15/083
Elco EBA12150NC0030 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15250NA0151 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA016 MCE 12-15/085
Elco EBA12150NN0029 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15250NC0141 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA017 MCE 12-15/086
Elco EBA12150NN0064 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15250NN0042 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA018 MCE 12-15/087
Elco EBA12153UA0049 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15253UA0045 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA019 MCE 12-15/090
Elco EBA12153UC0040 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15253UA0137 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA020 MCE 12-15/091
Elco EBA12153UC0056 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15253UA0142 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA022 MCE 12-15/093
Elco EBA12153UN0041 ECM 12-15 Elco EDA15253UN0044 ECM 15-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA023 MCE 12-15/094
Elco EBA12153UN0048 ECM 12-15 Elco ECA15250NN0032 ECM 15-25 IP66 Elco ECB12NA026 MCE 12-15/097
Elco EBA12150NA0046 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NB0077 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NN007 MCE 12-15/098
Elco EBA12150NA0057 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NC0101 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NS001 MCE 12-15/099
Elco EBA12150NA0058 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NC0112 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NN308 MCE 12-15/101
Elco EBA12150NA0071 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NC0118 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA028 MCE 12-15/108
Elco EBA12150NA0073 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NC0134 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA029 MCE 12-15/110
Elco EBA12150NA0097 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NN0082 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA030 MCE 12-15/111
Elco EBA12150NA0098 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250NS0080 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA032 MCE 12-15/113
Elco EBA12150NA0114 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20253NC0062 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA033 MCE 12-15/114
Elco EBA12150NA0120 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250CA0156 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECA12NN003 MCE 12-15/115
Elco EBA12150NA0159 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NA0140 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA034 MCE 12-15/117
Elco EBA12150NA0161 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NC0060 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA035 MCE 12-15/118
Elco EBA12150NA0162 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NC0083 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA036 MCE 12-15/121
Elco EBA12150NA0163 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NC0133 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA037 MCE 12-15/122
Elco EBA12150NA0164 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NN0100 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NA039 MCE 12-15/124
Elco EBA12150NB0018 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NP0116 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12UN304 MCE 12-15/125
Elco EBA12150NB0086 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA20250NR0084 ECM 20-25 IP65 Elco ECB12NN008 MCE 12-15/126
Elco EBA12150NB0087 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA20250NA0119 ECM 20-25 IP66 Elco ECB12NN011 MCE 12-15/129
Elco EBA12150NB0088 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA20250NB0113 ECM 20-25 IP66 Elco ECB12NA041 MCE 12-15/131
Elco EBA12150NB0092 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA20250NN0127 ECM 20-25 IP66 Elco ECB12NN012 MCE 12-15/132
Elco EBA12150NB0099 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA20250VB0282 ECM20-25 Elco ECB12NA042 MCE 12-15/133
Elco EBA12150NB0102 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NN005 MCE Elco ECA15250NA0033 MCE 15-25 IP65
Elco EBA12150NB0103 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB10NA001 MCE 10-15/013 Elco ESB15NN301 MCE 15-25/060
Elco EBA12150NB0109 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB10NN004 MCE 10-15/026 Elco ESB15NN302 MCE 15-25/064
Elco EBA12150NB0110 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB10NN005 MCE 10-15/027 Elco ESB15NN303 MCE 15-25/103
Elco EBA12150NB0117 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB10NN302 MCE 10-15/029 Elco ECA20250NB0009 MCE 20-25 IP65
Elco EBA12150NB0121 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0026 MCE 12015 IP54 A200 Elco ECA20250NC0036 MCE 20-25 IP65
Elco EBA12150NB0123 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0010 MCE 12-15 IP54 A200 Elco ECA20250NC0039 MCE 20-25 IP65
Elco EBA12150NB0150 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0011 MCE 12-15 IP54 A200 Elco ESB20NN301 MCE 20-25/025
Elco EBA12150NB0160 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0016 MCE 12-15 IP54 A200 Elco ESB20NN004 MCE 20-25/031
Elco EBA12150NB0165 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0023 MCE 12-15 IP54 A200 Elco ESB20NA005 MCE 20-25/032
Elco EBA12150NB0166 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0012 MCE 12-15 IP54 A230 Elco ESA20NN007 MCE 20-25/052
Elco EBA12150NB0167 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco EBA12150NA0013 MCE 12-15 IP54 A230 Elco ESB20NN006 MCE 20-25/066
Elco EBA12150NC0091 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0001 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NA006 MCE 20-25/071
Elco EBA12150NC0111 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0003 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NA007 MCE 20-25/074
Elco EBA12150NN0085 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0004 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NA008 MCE 20-25/084
Elco EBA12150NS0079 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0005 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NA009 MCE 20-25/088
Elco ECA12150NA0006 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0007 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NA010 MCE 20-25/089
Elco ECA12150NA0015 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0008 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NN304 MCE 20-25/102
Elco ECA12150NA0072 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0014 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ESB20NN008HT MCE 20-25/109HT
Elco EDA12150CA0153 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NA0022 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB20NA009 MCE20-25-088
Elco EDA12150CA0155 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NB0038 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12UN303 MCEU 12-15/100
Elco EDA12150CB0154 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NC0021 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12UA301 MCEU 12-15/120
Elco EDA12150CC0152 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NC0024 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA12153UA0171 NCEU 12-15 IP65
Elco EDA12150CC0157 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NC0025 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA12153UC0147 NCEU 12-15 IP65
Elco EDA12150NA0105 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NC0037 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA12153UN0126 NCEU 12-15 IP65
Elco EDA12150NA0106 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12153NA0002 MCE 12-15 IP65 Elco EDA12153UN0170 NCEU 12-15 IP65
Elco EDA12150NA0107 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECA12150NB0053 MCE 12-15 IP66 Elco EDA15253UN0138 NCEU 15-25 IP65
Elco EDA12150NA0108 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA003 MCE 12-15/ Elco ECA15253UA0035 NCEU 15-25 IP66
Elco EDA12150NA0125 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA005 MCE 12-15/ Elco ECA15253UN0034 NCEU 15-25 IP66
Elco EDA12150NA0135 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA008 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA12150NA0096 _
Elco EDA12150NA0148 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA021 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA12150VA0161 _
Elco EDA12150NA0168 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA024 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA12150VC0089 _
Elco EDA12150NA0169 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA027 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA12150VN0029 _
Elco EDA12150NB0104 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA031 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA20250BC0101 _
Elco EDA12150NB0129 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA040 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA20250NB0232 _
Elco EDA12150NB0132 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA301 MCE 12-15/ Elco EBA2025VB0282 _
Elco EDA12150NB0146 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN003 MCE 12-15/ Elco ECA12150NC0021 _
Elco EDA12150NB0149 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA002 MCE 12-15/024 Elco ECA12150NC0027 _
Elco EDA12150NC0059 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN002 MCE 12-15/028 Elco ECA15250NB0009 _
Elco EDA12150NC0089 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN004 MCE 12-15/051 Elco ECA15250NC0036 _
Elco EDA12150NC0090 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN004HT MCE 12-15/051HT Elco ECA15250NC0039 _
Elco EDA12150NC0139 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA302 MCE 12-15/052 Elco ECB10NN301 _
Elco EDA12150NC0145 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN005 MCE 12-15/053 ELCO EFA12100VC0350E _
Elco EDA12150NN0093 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN303 MCE 12-15/055
Elco EDA12150NN0115 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NA004 MCE 12-15/058
Elco EDA12150NN0136 ECM 12-15 IP65 Elco ECB12NN304 MCE 12-15/063