56 Frame Foot Mount

Once a very commonly found motor these 56 Frame (otherwise known as B56 or 60 range) motors are the next size we have in foot mounted motors.

These units are often found in commercial applications and are either fan cooled or drip proof motors which are mechanically duty rated.
The motor design varies between a split phase construction, capacitor start induction run or a capacitor start capacitor run motor. Depending upon which option is used there’re is a difference between starting torque, running efficiency, running costs and purchase cost.
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Type: Permanent Split Capacitor
Supply: Single & three phase 115V, 220/240V, 380/420V, 50/60Hz
Poles: 2 & 4 Pole (2800 & 1250RPM)
Speeds: Single speed
Ratings: Mechanical duty
Rotation: Reversible
Insulation: Class B
Bearings: Lubricated for life ball bearings
Temperature Rating: -40°C to +60°C
Connections: Junction Box

Notes: 60TM550S-1 is 110/120V

Notes: 60FM370R is 115V