Olmo REVA Range (Forward Curved Fans)

OLMO’s “REVA” range of forward curved fans were designed to obtain the highest possible performance whilst keeping the dimensions down to a minimum. They are composed of an external rotor motor and a galvanised steel fan, they units are ideally suited for kitchen hoods. The design of the units ensures a compact and homogeneous unit that is highly balanced and guarantees low noise levels, vibration and material stress.

The units are supplied with clockwise rotation viewed from the inlet side.

The series has twelve models with diameters ranging from 120mm to 200mm.

The standard fan is single-phase rated 230V – 50Hz and/or 60Hz, 2 or 4 poles, insulations class “B” and internal protection IP44. On request voltages and frequencies may be produced other than those under European standards.

All motors are manufactured in compliance with European standard CENELEC 60335-1.

These OLMO fans are mostly found in centrifugal blower applications.

General Specifications

  • Wheel Diameters: 120mm to 200mm
  • Poles: 4 or 6 pole
  • Phase supply: Single
  • Speeds: Single

Below are a number of OLMO REVA part numbers.

Make Part Number
Olmo R09C-1262S-2M-1507
Olmo R09C-1440S-2M-1508
Olmo R09C-1459S-2M-1508
Olmo R09C-1459S-2M-2512
Olmo R09C-1459S-2M-3517
Olmo R09C-1662S-2M-3516
Olmo R09C-1662S-4M-2508
Olmo R09C-1852S-4M-2508
Olmo R09C-1875S-4M-3512
Olmo R09C-2052S-4M-1507
Olmo R09C-2052S-4M-3515
Olmo R09C-2075S-4M-4216

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