Olmo REVR Range (Backward Curved Fans)

OLMO’s REVR range of fans are composed of an external rotor motor and a backward curved, single-inlet plastic or zinc-coated fan. The OLMO fan is directly coupled with the rotor, which is dynamically balanced with a degree of G 6.3. This means that the fan can be mounted in its housing without the necessity of vibration dampers.

The 190mm diameter fans are supplied with a plastic impeller; all other models are supplied with zinc-coated impellers. The standard product range offers a significant protection against corrosion under normal weather conditions

OLMO’s standard fan is single-phase rated 230V – 50Hz and/or 60Hz, 2 or 4 poles, insulation class “B” and internal protection IP44. On request alternative voltages and frequencies may be produced other than those under European standards.

Units are supplied with clockwise rotation from inlet side.

  • General Specifications
  • Wheel Diameters: 190mm to 250mm
  • Poles: 4 or 6 pole
  • Phase supply: Single
  • Speeds: Single

Below are the part numbers for the more common OLMO REVR range.

Make Part Number
Olmo R09T-1945D-2M-1507
Olmo R09T-2252D-2M-3511
Olmo R09T-2540D-2M-3513
Olmo R09T-2540D-4M-2506
Olmo R09T-2552D-2M-3515
Olmo R09X-2M-3500-1K
Olmo R9-2-15/051
Olmo R9-2-23/081
Olmo R9-2-25/051
Olmo R9-4-15/041
Olmo R9-4-25/051
Olmo R9-4-35/011
Olmo R9-4-42/031

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