Universal Electric F48 Frame Motors

5.5/8″ diameter, shaded pole & PSC models, 4W to 50W output, 2 & 4 pole

F48 Frame motors have black painted pressed steel end-shields, located by register laminations and secured by 2 or 4 case bolts. Body construction is open ventilated or totally enclosed. Motors have plain shaft or aluminium fan hub fixing and are usually mounted with 2, 3 or 4 mounting studs or tapped holes at the lead end, shaft end or both ends. Almost always sleeve bearings, but ball bearings occasionally used. Weaker output models are mostly impedance protected whilst more powerful models are fitted with an automatic reset thermal overload protector. General application is driving a small axial fan in refrigeration condenser or evaporator, dehumidifier, warm air heater, etc.

Below is a list of old model numbers for electric motors which were manufactured by Universal Electric.

Make Part Number
Universal Electric F48085W98
Universal Electric F48R31C85
Universal Electric F48R31C85X
Universal Electric F48S80A30
Universal Electric F48T14A13
Universal Electric F48T14A13X
Universal Electric F48U80A30
Universal Electric F48U80A30
Universal Electric F48W94C85X
Universal Electric F48W98C85X
Universal Electric F48X22B38
Universal Electric F48X23B38X

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