Guard Mounted Axials

blue_squareOur extremely popular guard mounted axial fans are used in many applications such as; refrigeration and air conditioning condensing sets, evaporator fans and general ventilation.

We stock a varied range of guard mounted axial fans including:

  • Sickle Blade
  • Paddle Blade
  • Energy Efficient
  • High IP Rating
  • High Powered
  • Heavy Duty
  • Explosion Proof/ATEX Rated

Available in blade diameters from 175mm up to 900mm and generally most of these fans are four or six pole although some two and eight pole versions are used.

The most common airflow is sucking although blowing are also available. The majority of models come complete with a terminal box however leaded options are also stocked.

The guard mounts are available with a basket guard, flat guard, vertical lugs and extended guards.  Also found in our shop are plate and cased axial options.

Click here to download our guard mount wiring diagram.

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