Switches & Controls

We are able to offer a selection of the most commonly used controls for fan decks. All these components are kept on stock and can be used for new fan decks or when we refurbish existing fan deck units. These accessories will give you the ability to control your fan unit with simple manual switches or via a selection of thermostats to obtain a more automatic control.

Manual Switches

These enable the user to change the fan motor speed when used in conjunction with a multi speed fan motor or an auto transformer. We keep a variety of rocker switches and a more robust rotary type switch ranging from a simple on/off to multiple speed selection.

Speed Control

We currently have 2 types of auto transformer for use with any single phase fan motor up to 75watt or 100watt output. These units allow a up to seven speeds to be used on a standard single speed motor. They are usually used in conjunction with the manual type switches above or the thermostatic controls below.

Thermostatic Type Controls

Pipe Thermostat
These are designed to clip onto the pipes that feed the fan coil. The pipe thermostat acts as a switch and prevents the fan motor from starting until the pipes become hot (around 50 deg C) thus preventing cold air from being blown into the room. They are usually used in conjunction with the capillary action thermostats below.

Capillary Action Thermostat
The capillary action thermostat can be used in a number of ways but is usually used as a stand alone control to switch the fan deck off when a user set temperature is reached. They can also be wired in series to automatically control the speed of a fan unit. When a room is cold the thermostat will select a high speed to blow warm air quickly into the room, once the room has reached a user set temperature the thermostat will switch the fan motor automatically to a slower speed giving a more gentle background heat. The second thermostat switches the fan unit off when a user set temperature is reached.

Variable Speed Controls

This type of control gives stepless speed variation to a motor but must be used with care. The controller works by reducing the input power to the motor and if turned down too low will cause it to overheat and burn out or drastically reduce the life of the motor. It is also very important to select the correct amp rating for your motor when purchasing these controls, if you are unsure please speak to a member of the sales team.