In-line Duct or Co-axial Pipe Fans

green_squareOur in-line duct fans (also known as co-axial pipe fans) are available with industry standard spigot sizes ranging from 100mm up to 315mm all with metal casings.

In-line duct fans are powered by backward curved motorized impellers; the blades are designed for high airflow whilst generating low noise levels and a low running cost.

They are used in ducted ventilation systems for industrial, commercial, horticultural and electronic ventilation.

Type: PSC (Permanent split capacitor)
Supply: Single phase 230V, 50Hz
Poles: 2 Pole (2500RPM)
Speeds: Single speed
Insulation: Class B, IP44
Enclosure: Totally enclosed
Bearings: Self lubricating ball bearing
Temperature Rating: -40°C to +60°C

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