“We are always impressed by the efficiency and technical knowledge of Pole Star. Please pass our very much positive feedback on as i do feel we all tend to concentrate on bad customer service when sometimes we should make time to praise excellent customer service. Its good to have a point of contact in case we get a tricky one!”

Richard, Branch ManagerFrom Peterborough

“Polestar are the first port of call for me. Always get a good service!”

Kevin, Sales ManagerFrom Aberdeen

“I do help serve at our trade counter and I help the warehouse guys pick and pack and I can safely say that your products fly out of the doors like hot cakes and we have never had any troubles with any of the products”

Dan, Purchasing Assistant From Sussex

“What a great service you provide, thank you very much for it!”

Dalia, Engineering Coordinator From London

“Katie, you always answer quickly and explain the differences if it is an equivalent you are supplying, very happy thank you! :o)”

Dani, Senior Sales ControllerFrom Wakefield

“Tony helped me out previously and I’d always recommend you as a company, top service.”

Gareth, Refrigeration EngineerForm Doncaster

“thanks to everyone for their help in the past year and also a huge thank you for our lovely card and calendar. “

Terina, SalesFrom Dorset

“Really can’t thank you enough for your help here Adam!”

Lia, Service Co-Ordinator From High Wycombe

“Adam, I am very grateful to you for your brilliant service as always. I wish other businesses were as good.”

Ant, Senior EngineerFrom West Sussex

“Pole Star have helped me with many customers challenges in the past and have always given a great service, so it would be great to catch up at some point soon”

Martin, Business Development Manager From Brentwood Essex

“Thank you and an excellent service all round. Until next time!”

Rick, Electrical EngineerFrom Kettering

“Thanks to all at Polestar,

The Motor and Blade arrived this morning.

It is now fitted and running. Great service.”

Roy, Senior Electrical Technician From Newcastle