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motors-fans_Our Electronically Commutated Fan Motors (ECM) are up to 68% efficient compared to only 18% efficiency from a standard shaded pole fan motor.ecm

ECM motors are used in a large number of applications and are being used more and more in large supermarket re-fits and new instillations. An average sized supermarket (300-400 fan motors) can see a payback period of just over 1 year. CO2 emissions are also massively reduced:

An average store with 400 shaded pole fan motors would use around 13,200 Watts/hour; with our energy efficient motors that is reduced to 3,600 Watts/hour – That is a saving of 9,600 Watts every hour! CO2 emissions also drop from just under 8,000gr to just over 2,000gr – over 70% less!

With the cost of energy ever rising and the need for all of us to help reduce CO2 emissions, Pole Star Products energy efficient fan motors are a must for any forward thinking business.

Type: Energy Saving (Electronically Commutated Motors)
Supply: Single phase 115V, 230V, 50Hz
Poles: 4 Pole (1350RPM
Speeds: Single
Insulation: Class B
Rating: Continuously rated air over motor
Bearings: Sealed for life ball bearing
Temperature Rating: -20°C to +55°C
Connections: Flying leads/plug
Shaft Detail: Fan hub
Mounting: 3 & 4 corner fixings
Efficiency: 65% electrical efficiency
Notes: Retrofittable with shaded pole units

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