OLMO Centrifugal Blowers/Direct Drive Blowers

Over the years OLMO made a small range of centrifugal blower units. These units were direct drive blower units, using OLMO fractional horse power electric blower motors. These permanent split capacitor motors ensured a low noise high efficiency performance.

The OLMO blowers have to be installed in weather protected environments to operate with powder free air, and with room temperatures ranging from – 30°C to + 40°C. Standard models were supplied with “open” motors (protection class IP20) or with “totally closed” motors (protection class IP54), with one or more speeds, with 4 or 6 poles.

Below is a list of OLMO part codes, depending on the quantity involved we offer an stocked alternative.

Make Part Number
Olmo RR146F9404.02
Olmo RR146F9404.03
Olmo RR146F9404.04
Olmo RR146H9404.08
Olmo RR146H9404.15
Olmo RR146J8443.09
Olmo R11D-14V2S-4M-1506
Olmo R11D-14V2S-4M3-1507/1
Olmo R11D-14X4S-4M-1504
Olmo R11D-14X8S-4M-1505

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